Saturday, January 28, 2006


Meal: Dinner
Where: Patrick's
Location: Garden City Park, NY
Price: $150/4 persons
Bread: Good
What I drank: Amstel Light
What I ate:
Baked Clams, Barley Beef Soup, Teriyaki Shrimp, Steak Tidbits, Penne Ala Vodka
This restaurant used to be something else I am told. It is divided into two halves, bar and restaurant. For a nice quiet meal, try sitting at the bar. For a raucous crowd, try the restaurant. I kept knocking into clumsy waitstaff on my many trips to the clean bathroom.
The baked clams were awful. Six weak, atrophied representitives of the species, mostly bread crumbs and bathed in some fluid I now believe to be water, and tasting of soap. To be avoided. This was saved by the bowl of beef barley soup, which although light on the barley, made up by the use of actual beef, not just broth. The teriyaki shrimp was enjoyable, if almost a little heavy on the teriyaki sauce. The shrimp were not too fishy. This described as being served with rice, however the attentive waitress asked me if I would like a baked potato or mashed potatoes with it. Shrimp teriyaki? I cleaned the plate because I was so hungry after waiting for the food (long time) The steak tidbits were tough, but tasty. Served with a bottle of some "Irish" steak sauce, which was nothing more than some seasoned corn syrup, akin in flavor to A-1. The mashed potatoes served with the steak were good, as was the penne ala vodka. Overall this meal was quite tasty, however. I'll have to go back a get a business card to get more info.


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